BA LLB LLM (Business Law)
  • Costa Athienides holds a 15% interest in the firm and is a founder member thereof.
  • Costa attended the LEAD law school in Pretoria and served articles with Louis Gishen and Associates. After admission Costa was approached by Blake Bester Inc to serve as an associate. Within the first four months he was promoted to senior associate and was positioned to head the Standard Bank collections and foreclosures department incorporating debt review, insolvencies, fraud and vehicle finance.
  • Costa has extensive experience in the drafting of antenuptial contracts, wills, trusts, commercial agreements, general civil and commercial litigation. Costa has right of appearance in the Magistrate Court and the High Court and drafts his own pleadings in most instances.
  • Whilst serving as an associate at Blake Bester Inc he gained further experience in labour law, administrative law, town planning, mining law and environmental law. During his career he has been instrumental in settling many litigious matters outside of court and this aside has an excellent track record of success in litigious matters.
  • Central to his life philosophy is that you can have it all and that there is always a better way.