Employment Services

We seek to resolve disputes expeditiously to ensure that businesses remain operational and unaffected to the extent possible and to enable individuals to exercise their constitutional right to earn a living.

Labour Disputes
  • Disciplinaryand grievance processes (includingthe chairingof hearingsand the performance of riskassessments);
  • Terminationof employment,restructuring, incapacity issuesand operational requirements;
  • Assistingwith CCMA and/or BargainingCouncil referrals, conciliationand arbitration;
  • Labour Court mattersincluding urgentapplications,trialsand reviews;
  • Collectivebargaining(includingwagenegotiations and strike related issues);
Regular training and information sessions are attended by practitioners to ensure that the firm remains abreast of the latest developments in South African employment law so as to assist clients to keep up to date with their compliance requirements.

  • Registrationof unionsand preparation of constitutiondocuments;
  • Drafting employmentagreements;
  • Drafting company policies and codes;
  • Occupational Healthand Safety and Occupational Injuriesand DiseasesAct advice;
  • LRA, BCEA and related legislationand/or collectiveagreementsadvice; and
  • BBBEE consulting services
Our labour practitioners are all members of the South African Labour Lawyers’ Association (“SASLAW”) and are committed to its pro bono services projects. The firm is regarded by SASLAW as an industry specialist service provider.

Associated Professionals

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